Vision / Mission statement




Life requires oxygen and oxygen is vital to the respiration of almost all cells. When partially reduced, like in hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) or superoxide radical (O2•-), reactive oxygen species (ROS) are formed. ROS have several faces: ROS can be very aggressive and do serious harm to the cell’s building blocks, but in tightly regulated amounts they act as essential signaling molecules. Unraveling the fine balance and the regulation mechanisms between ROS acting as a friend or a foe is fundamental to understand aerobic life.




To advance this important area of biology and medicine, EU-ROS will bring together multi-disciplinary experts to cross-fertilize ideas and to enhance the competitiveness of European research. By applying new approaches, sharing tools and discussing latest discoveries we aim at generating an advanced knowledge at the molecular mechanistic and cellular level, which will translate into novel applications for medicine or crop science. With EU-ROS, we overcome the fragmentation of European research on ROS, and the translated outcome will contribute to the benefit of European societies’ economic growth and wellbeing.